working with us.

We're not like any other marketing agency you've worked with before. Here's what you can expect.

Everything you need - done right.

We do everything you'd expect a typical marketing agency to do, web design, SEO, content strategy, marketing automation , etc but we're really just focused on growing your accounting practice--the right way no temporary “good enough” solutions here.

Remove the hassle and red tape.

We believe in honest, direct, and candid conversations that help us focus on the real issues you're facing. No billable hours, meetings, or long proposals. We'd much rather have a real conversation with you about your firm's problems, maybe over a couple of beers.

We're here to help you grow.

Work with Madtown to take your firm to the next level. Gain insights on how to scale with cloud software, build a website that generates high quality leads consistently every month, and make better decisions that will help you scale and grow.

Helping you make bold choices.

The world is changing fast and most firms are struggling to keep up. It can be hard to tear down a firm that’s been successful for 10-15 years and rebuild it. We’ll help you innovate and make the tough decisions that lead to big payoffs.

We're Not for Everyone

But when its right, it's really right. Let's have a conversation and find out if we're a good match.