How to Get 100+ Accounting Clients a Year

Very few accounting firms are reaching their potential for bringing in new business. Most aren't even in the right ballpark.

We define a successful accounting website design as one that generates 20% of their new business from the website alone. Bust most firms are lucky to get 1-2 quality leads a month, and they're even luckier if just one of these leads becomes a paying client.

Without help from their websites, most firms rely solely on referrals to drum up new business. And while word of mouth marketing is and always will be the #1 most effective marketing method, it's also the method firms have least control over. Plus, by nature, it's the most sporadic and unreliable.

The top accounting firms are attracting at least 100 new clients a year from their websites alone. They're using razor sharp market focus and a solid sales funnel to reel in clients automatically, day and night, leaving them free to focus on more important things.

Here are a few key things successful accounting website are doing RIGHT:

1. They're embracing a narrow niche

In the modern market, an accounting firm’s success is rooted in its positioning, not its versatility. Most firms are still bragging about their "full service" capabilities and dousing their websites in generic content that sounds exactly like the next guy's.

They don't stand out because there's literally nothing to differentiate them from the next firm. It's this sameism that forces clients to throw up their hands and go with the lowest bidder (and if your strategy is really to compete with low pricing, you might as well close up shop right now).

So many professional service firms are too scared to commit to a specific market niche, so they try to represent everything all at once. But they fail to realize that trying to stand for everything is the same as standing for nothing at all.

What top firms are doing is establishing their niche and building their reputation as a thought leader in their field (aka someone who has fresh, new ideas).

What unique experience does your firm have that could add some nuance to the industry conversation? What is your team extra passionate about (what kind of work do they like to do best)? Who are your best clients and why are those relationships so strong?

The tighter you focus your firm, the more successful you’ll be as a firm. If you need some help figuring out how to properly position your firm, check out our complete positioning guide.

2. They’re creating quality content

Tons of firms have been cranking away at the content marketing machine for years, and still, they're not seeing results.

Why? It's usually because they're either not creating the right kind of content or they’re not creating enough. Firms with underperforming websites fall back on the same tired “tax updates," year after year, instead of taking the time to produce thoughtful, insightful, meaningful content.

Here's what you want to do:

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