An Open Letter to New Clients

Dear Potential New Client,

Madtown has been making radical changes again. We want to share with you how and why we’re changing.

First, the why: we’re changing because we’re tired of suffocating in a sea of undifferentiated full service design agencies.. Web design isn’t what it used to be, and whether you realize it or not, your needs as a client aren’t what they used to be.

There was a day when a cool looking site was enough to get your business noticed. When an award for creative design meant something to an agency. Now, there are countless agencies that can get you a cool looking site—but, unfortunately, it doesn’t matter anymore.

What matters now is smart digital strategy coupled with a sound business strategy with a major focus on positioning your firm in a way that attracts more qualified opportunities from better paying clients.

Because of this we’re transforming our entire business, and we want to inspire others to transform theirs.  Truthfully, there’s a ridiculous amount of companies doing website design, and if that’s all you’re after call one of them.  You’ll find them touting business solutions and showing you how many awards they’ve won.

Here are some the ways we’re changing:

We’re Not Building Websites – We’re Positioning Professional Service Firms

The only thing that differentiates design shops right now is their design skills, which is highly subjective. And most of these shops can’t tell you why one design is more effective than another. (We actually can and will—just ask us.)

Again, if all you’re after is a good looking website, you don’t need us. With so many fancy templates and design shortcuts out there, any old design shop can pull this off now.

Here’s the problem: an attractive website no longer translates to more online leads. Which means it won’t get you more business. In our experience, a $50k website does not generate any more leads than a $10k website when the only differentiator is appearance.

Honestly, why are you spending all that money anyway? Just to lessen the amount of shame you feel when someone looks at your site? Of course not: you want (you need) ROI.

And that’s why we no longer focus on websites. We’re still making them, of course, and we still care about aesthetics and design principles. But our years of experience in web design have taught us that those aren’t the real money makers. And more than anything, we want our clients making money.

Instead, we’re now focusing on creating crystal clear positioning strategies that transform businesses from the inside out. We’re helping clients determine where they should be playing in their market, by developing the perfect niche, and then showing them how to make that niche wildly profitable.

Instead of butting heads with the competition in the same tired old bidding wars, year after year, we’re challenging clients to separate themselves from competitors altogether. Our clients create their own market categories, and then they dominate them.

Yes, it’s scary. And yes, it works.

After working with us, you’ll have a better handle on how your firm creates value, what opportunities you’re missing out on, and what business models can make you the most profitable. You’ll also have a comprehensive positioning strategy, along with the web design, custom messaging, and digital marketing methods you need to put that strategy in action.

We’re Having Candid Conversations with Clients

You deserve to hear the truth, untarnished by political considerations or mixed agendas, and we have the courage to give it to you.

Most agencies function like incompetent parents, giving clients what they want rather than what they need. In our experience, this approach has a failure rate of roughly 100%, and we refuse to participate in it. We believe that compromise damages results, and it’s not a gamble we’re willing to take just to avoid confrontation.

We understand that change is difficult, and growing pains are inevitable. We know that you’re the expert in your market, not us—but that’s exactly why you need us. We have the unbiased, emotionally unattached, third party perspective your business is desperately lacking. We’ll push you to make the hard choices and to let go of the things that aren’t working. We’ll listen to your ideas, but we won’t be afraid to tell you when they’re bad ones. (We promise you’ll thank us later.)

Our most successful clients not only understand and respect our brutally honest approach—they demand it.

We’re Getting Pickier

We turn down projects all the time. A few of them have been $100k+ projects, which most agencies wouldn’t dream of rejecting. We’ve actually had people get upset with us for turning away their business.

But it doesn’t matter how much money is on the table, who a client is, or even whether we want to work with them. If a potential client isn’t the right fit for us, we won’t do business with them. Period.

The first red flag, for us, is the RFP process. We find this process antiquated and grossly inefficient, and we don’t participate in it anymore. So if you email us asking us to submit a proposal, we’ll instantly walk away. It’s not personal—it’s just a firm commitment to our own selection process.

See, we’re extremely vocal about RFPs on our website, so the fact that you either missed that or dismissed it makes us worry that you aren’t doing your due diligence to find an agency that best fits your needs. Instead, it suggests that you searched Google and fired off emails to the first 3-5 companies you found—and in our experience, that’s starting off on the wrong foot.

Here are some other things that suggest we’re not right for each other:

  •         We ask you about your budget and you’re unable to tell us.
  •         You have a large committee, and no single person is comfortable taking ownership of the project.
  •         You know exactly what you want and just want us to implement it.
  •         You just need a website that looks cool.

We only take on 10-12 new clients a year, which means we’re extremely picky about who fills those spots. We’re looking for clients who are motivated, open minded, and truly ready for big changes.

Here’s the great thing about maintaining a small client list: it gives us more time to focus on you. You never have to wonder if we’re out chasing new business all day (or part of the day, for that matter)—we’re not, because we don’t need to be. Our existing clients aren’t just our first priority, they’re our only priority.

Now, let’s talk about a few of the signs that you might be a good fit:

  •         You want to grow your business and you’re willing to let us do the work to get you there.
  •         You have too much competition and you’re struggling to rise to the top.
  •         You care more about results than cool designs.
  •         You want to behave more strategically and proactively.
  •         You’re courageous and willing to give your business what it needs to thrive.
  •         You’re ready to pay good money to make all this happen.

We’ve spent a lot of time getting this part of our agency right. It’s not easy finding perfect fits, but we believe in our process enough to wait for the right clients.

Because when a fit is right, it’s really right. And one of the results is that our clients are some of the happiest in the industry.

We’re Moving Really, Really Fast

With the average web agency, projects take too long to get off the ground. Teams spend months and months—sometimes over a year—planning and building and hemming and hawing until they’re finally ready to go live. By that point, they’ve spent countless resources and they’re still looking at an ROI of zilch.

To hell with that.

We move insanely fast, and we expect our clients to be ready to move just as fast.

First, we’ll usher you through our diagnostic process, which is completely built out and ready for you. Within 30 days, you’ll understand exactly how your firm creates value, who your best prospects are, and where your company should be playing to maximize revenues.

From there, we’ll hit the ground running. We won’t waste time with countless meetings to appease stakeholders—we’ll do the work, and we’ll do it fast. While we’re building your site, we’ll also be coming up with bold marketing ideas and lead generation campaigns that you’ll be able to launch on Day 1.

Our goal is to get your new website up as quickly as possible so that we can start improving on it and generating ROI. That’s where the most meaningful work comes in. We’ll ruthlessly track your analytics and use insights we uncover there to make the site even better.

Then, we’ll rinse and repeat, until your site is on fire with leads and you’re blasting through your ROI benchmarks.

Are You Ready to Change With Us?

If you’ve made it this far, you must be liking something about what you’re hearing—which means you might just be the next great fit we’re looking for.

Get in touch with us. We’ll walk you through our process, ask you some honest questions, and help you determine whether we’re the right agency for you.

We’re tired of the standard agency business model, with all its inefficiencies and glaring flaws, and we’re ready to break away. We’re taking bold risks, and that’s why we’re so confident that you can, too. So if you’re ready to completely transform the way you do business—to build not only a digital strategy, but a business strategy that leads the market, rather than just keeping up with it—drop us a line. We’d love to talk to you.


The Madtown Team

We're Not for Everyone

But when it's right, it's really right. Let's have a conversation and find out if we're a good match.