Building Trust With Search Engines

A lot of businesses today assume that search engine optimization is actually about tricking Google and other search engines to rank your website higher. This is not the case at all you are actually building trust with the major search engines in order to gain a higher ranking. Google wants to place the site with relevant content towards the top for each search results page. In order for Google to make the most relevant decisions they consider how much they can trust your website. The search engines work similar to how our normal day lives build trust with each other.

One of the biggest trust factors in real life is how long you know someone. The longer you know them for the more you will trust them. The same holds true for search engines. The longer your website has been around the more each search engine will trust you. If you are a brand new website trying to get ranked one of the biggest factors holding you back is the age of your website.

Another big factor is your own skills. If you have relevant skills and know what you are talking about you will have more trust with people the same holds true with your website. Your website should have relevant content with titles, content, and H1 tags that reinforces your topic.

One of the largest factors with where you rank in search results is your relationships. In the real world the more people that recommend you the more trust you will have. This is the same with your web presence. The more websites that link to your website helps boost your search ranking. In essence when someone links to you they are giving you a vote of confidence that this is a site worth linking too. Having inbound links is an essential part of any website. The more links you have the more Google will trust your website.

This is a small fraction of what actually goes into the search engines formula, I tried to simplify it and put it into a real world representation. As you can see there is not much difference between real life trust and how Google trusts your website. I hope this helps you understand SEO a little bit more. Contact us today for a free report card of your current website and how you can improve your search results. Don’t have a website? Get a free website analysis and see how much you are missing out on.

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