How Easy Is It for People to Give You Their Business?

Modern consumers—you and I included—are astoundingly lazy.

We buy things on Amazon with a single click. We scan items in the store with our phones to check for discounts. We trust websites to store our credit card information, just to save the few seconds it would take to type it in next time.

Then, one day, we find ourselves on a tiny website for a mom and pop shop. There’s no online store (but there is a horrifically dull 1000-word About Us story), we can’t find an email address at first glance, and after a few angry clicks, our patience runs out. We’ll just go somewhere else.

It’s not that we’re jerks. It’s that we’re so spoiled by extreme efficiency that we’ve come to expect it everywhere, from everyone.

Ante up or disappear

Most businesses don’t have the means to run an operation as efficiently as, say, Amazon. But know that that’s what your customers are used to.

Are you making it easy enough for people to do business with your organization?

How quickly can they find your website? And once they’re there, can they find basic information within seconds? Are you guiding them through the sales process with simple, direct calls to action?

Think about how new business works. Chances are, your prospects are reaching out to a handful of other companies, too—all with offerings pretty darn similar to yours. When they do, they’re much more likely to respond to the ones who make it the easiest to do so.

Here are some warning signs to check for:

  • Are your emails missing an automatic email signature that includes your website and contact info?
  • Does your website have a lengthy contact form, with multiple fields a prospect might not have the patience to fill out? (Even if the fields aren’t required, one look at the form could be enough to scare someone away.)
  • Does your phone number just go to voicemail?
  • Is your web address hard to remember or easy to misspell? (Consider buying the misspelled domain and having it redirect to the right one.)
  • Is it hard to find contact info on your website? (Of course, by “hard” I mean “not outrageously easy.”)
  • Are any pages on your website dead ends?

I know this all sounds like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many senior managers and business developers overlook or undervalue these minor fixes.

Are you going out of your way to make sure your prospects don’t have to go out of theirs?

Back to the basics

Every day, we work with companies who are so busy trying to generate new leads that they’ve completely forgotten the most basic rules of online communication.

Take a long, hard look at every touch point you have with prospects. Are you including enough prominent links back to your website? Are you pushing social media? Are you personalizing marketing materials with your name, rather than always speaking as a company?

Having a pretty website isn’t enough to get your company invited to the table anymore. These small tweaks, which might only shave seconds off the time your prospects spend researching you, could have a massive impact on your win rate.

If you could win one extra deal a month, just from some minor tweaks, wouldn’t you do them?

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