Don’t Hire Another Local Web Design Firm

Too many companies are making the mistake of hiring companies who design websites when they need something so much more than another pretty design.

You hear stories of businesses who spend several thousand dollars on a website only for it to do nothing, and that’s because most firms strictly are web designers who pretend they know SEO, marketing, and other digital marketing tactics. They treat a website as a silver bullet that will magically increase your leads.

Most web design companies are two steps behind true innovation. Have you ever heard of a company receiving massive amounts of ROI from simply re-designing their website? It’s a shit show, these “web design firms” can’t even tell you why one design generates more leads over another. They only start working with clients once they have received a brief, there simply order takers trying to show you 2-3% growth because they don’t know how to show 20% growth that an agency like Madtown can put together. Design is just one tool of the overall strategy, and the strategy is rooted in solving your business problems. This is why you don’t need to hire another company that specializes in websites.

Before you think you can’t afford more just a website consider the cost of simply re-designing every few years for minimal growth. Our small team of four typically works on yearly budgets of around $30k (the minimum we recommend for any company to spend), and we could move fast enough to do about $50k of work a month. Digital agencies no longer apply to the big guys, and in fact we offer more. If we were a big agency we could charge more, but most clients don’t need all of that extra fluff. The secretary? Waste of money. Accounts payable? We can automate that. When you remove all the fat from the large agencies all that’s left is the guy who can solve your problem. Being a small agency allows us to get work done quickly, and give real value for the money our clients give us.

We provide true strategic value to clients, and that’s because most agencies have a very high concentration of digital problem solvers than most industries. We’re not just another team of designers that most organizations hire.

You don’t need another web design company

The point of this article isn’t to try and convince you not to re-design your website. There are some great designers out there making some really cool websites. I just want you to get beyond thinking about decoration and to start thinking about the intersection of design and business.

A new website isn’t going to do that – alone at least. You need to start with your business challenges: messaging, communication, sales, awareness, differentiation, brand perception, brand alignment, new product launch, marketing, sales funnel, positioning, etc; you get the point.

Smart design solves business challenges, but design can’t be smart when it’s being poorly implemented by amateur design shops who can’t tell you why your website isn’t effective in the first place. If you only want a pretty decoration hire another web designer, they’re a dime a dozen touting business solutions. You wouldn’t still be reading this if that’s what you were after. True innovation and growth through digital marketing starts with your business. Once you have a solid strategy use smart design to bridge the gap between the two.

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