How to Get New Accounting Clients Quickly

Every firm experiences sales slumps. Your marketing pipeline goes cold, the referrals stop, and weeks go by without any new marketing leads, despite plenty of effort on your part.

As the dominoes continue to fall, you get increasingly desperate. You throw out special offers that would have made you cringe a year ago. You start taking on clients who are far from ideal–they’re well outside of your target audience, they’re clearly low-budget, and you just know they’re going to be a headache to work with. You wonder what you’re doing wrong.

But you’re also smart enough to know this is at least somewhat normal–it’s business. Most likely, if you hold tight (and hold onto your company morals), the tide will eventually turn.

Of course, upper management doesn’t always embrace the “wait and see” approach, and so, we’re here today with a few marketing ideas that could be the difference-makers you need right now.

We’re seeing firms have huge success with each of these CPA firm marketing tactics–and they’re seeing results FAST.

Facebook Ads

Social media marketing is a huge opportunity, and I’m baffled that so many firms are completely ignoring it. Facebook is great because it enables you to do some serious targeting. You can create custom audiences based on interest, job title, industry, company size, income, and tons more. Wouldn’t it be great if you could round up all the followers of another business in your niche and target them directly? Well, you can!

Oh, and the other great thing about Facebook advertising: it’s dirt cheap. Our clients are typically paying less than $1 a click and $10 a lead. (And when each lead equates to thousands of potential revenue dollars, that’s not a bad return.)

Estimated turnaround time: 1 week

Cold Emails

I know: you hate cold emails. You think they’re spammy.

But remember that there is a group of people out there who legitimately want what you’re offering–you just need to reach them with the right message at the right time. If you’ve taken the time to truly hone your niche, and if your website clearly supports that niche, then cold emails are an absolute goldmine.

Round up a specific group of recipients (or–yes–buy an email list) and create a short series of emails (2-3) that’s written just for them. You want these messages to be so on point, hitting the recipients’ exact pain points and using the exact language they would use, that they just can’t ignore them. It will feel like fate.

We’ve personally secured over $20K in revenue, plus a handful of meetings, from the last 50 cold emails we sent out. All from a few hours of work.

Estimated turnaround time: 2 weeks

Free Niche Webinars

What expertise can you offer your niche, and how can you do it in a way that puts your name in front of the right people? Try running a webinar in conjunction with an industry association or publication. These outlets are typically hungry for new speakers who can offer a unique approach or perspective. In exchange, you’ll get valuable exposure to a very specific audience. We’ve seen this method pull in several hundred new leads very quickly.

Estimated turnaround time: 4 weeks

If you’re in a slump, take heart: marketing a firm (even a well established one) is not easy work, and the ebb and flow of business is stressful for everyone. Sometimes, the problem runs deep and can only be resolved through dramatic change, and in this case, quick fixes like the ones above will only serve as bandaids.

But sometimes, a quick boost is all you need to get through a slow time, without compromising your niche or your business morals.

We’re seeing lots of firms keep themselves busy only through sacrifice–by taking on the clients they don’t really want and by doing work they don’t really want to do. Once you’ve lowered your standards, it’s very, very hard to raise them back up.

Don’t be the firm whose marketing plan is built on reaction rather than action. Don’t wait for a revenue catastrophe to start making a proper investment in marketing.

Start creating a steady stream of new business through marketing methods that you can actually control (read: not referrals). Spend the time to prune your client list every year and build a healthy marketing plan based on a mix of strategies.

Let us know if you need any help!

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