How to Buy Bookkeeping & CPA Clients (The Right Way)

I know what you’re thinking: list-buying is for scumbags. As a marketing method, it’s dirty and scammy, and anyone who does it deserves to be blacklisted. See, I used to think that, too. I was as skeptical as the next guy. At best, I figured…

I Just Need a Simple CPA Firm Website

I get emails, requests for proposals, and calls from potential clients who say “we just need a simple website” and this is great, they are getting the idea and having a simple yet professional website that […] Continue Reading

What a Successful Accounting Firm Website Looks Like

The designs for accounting websites are looking better than ever—cleaner, sharper, more modern. Unfortunately, they’re not working. Meaning: they’re not translating into increased leads or firm growth. And while most accounting firms are investing heavily […] Continue Reading

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