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I Just Need a Simple CPA Firm Website

I get emails, requests for proposals, and calls from potential clients who say “we just need a simple website” and this is great, they are getting the idea and having a simple yet professional website that can really make the difference in a CPA firm that is just getting started. We’ve built simple websites that are performing extremely well for several firms… In excess of 20+ leads a month for these new firms starting out. One thing to consider when you’re just looking to keep it simple is to not get it confused with getting a cheap website. If you get a cheap website then you are going to have a cheap website not a simple one, and realistically if you get a cheap website you’re actually just wasting your money.

Designing a successful accounting website is similar to purchasing a vehicle. You can find cars all over the place for $500, however do you really believe that buying a vehicle for $500 is going to be a wise investment? How long is that car going to last you? Price is obviously an issue for firms when you feel there is no value in what you are actually getting, but if you didn’t see any value in getting a website would you even be looking?

Having a successful website can completely change your firm around and bring in more revenue than you ever thought possible. many agencies today are willing to sell you a website and be OK with it bringing in no new business. You might have worked with one touting “business solutions” or they offer their solutions as “website packages.” There is no such thing as building a successful website in 3 easy steps… Here are just a few things that go into building a highly successful conversion focused website that some might call “simple”:

  • Firm Diagnostic
  • Messaging & Positioning Strategy
  • Competitor Reviews
  • Planning
  • Offering alignment
  • Wire Frames
  • Mood Boards
  • User Experience
  • Branding
  • Content Creation
  • Training
  • Testing
  • SEO

A website is a business investment and a very important part of your firms success strategy. It is usually the first thing your potential clients will see before doing business with you. Even your referrals. With the right strategy your website is going to increase the amount of people finding your firm, increase your revenues, and ultimately increase your profits.

If you just need a simple website design that’s great lets talk we can definitely help you out! Be careful with a cheap website design though your better off not having a website at all.

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