Successful Accounting Website

What a Successful Accounting Firm Website Looks Like

The designs for accounting websites are looking better than ever—cleaner, sharper, more modern.

Unfortunately, they’re not working.

Meaning: they’re not translating into increased leads or firm growth. And while most accounting firms are investing heavily in these fancy new websites, along with SEO, content creation, and digital marketing, the results are still lackluster.

What’s wrong?

If your firm’s website is not delivering results, it might mean:

  • Your targeting is off. You have no market niche or you don’t understand your ideal clients, so you’re either targeting poorly or just targeting everyone.
  • Your firm is poorly differentiated. Your website looks and sounds like every other website because your firm looks and sounds like every other firm.
  • Your content is too basic. Your website is more like an online brochure than a resource of thought leadership.
  • You have no marketing funnel. You have weak or nonexistent calls to action, no special offers, and no automated lead nurturing system.
  • Your website is built for you, not your clients. You built the website after asking what your internal team wanted to see, not what your ideal clients would want to see.

But the biggest reason accounting firms are not seeing great results with their websites is that they’re treating the online sales process like fishing: cast a line and passively start reeling in fish.

It just doesn’t work that way.

Online leads need slow, careful nurturing over time. They need just the right message at just the right moment, based on how motivated they are to buy and what their roadblocks are. If you’re too pushy or too salesy, you’ll scare them away. If you leave it up to them to take the next step, they won’t.

Problem: your team doesn’t have time for this kind of minutiae. They can’t spend hours chasing after barely-warm leads, writing them personalized messages just to take them an inch further in the buying process.

Solution: you need some automation. You need a marketing funnel that does the work for you—guiding prospects from one step to the next, delivering special offers to build relationships, building trust by delivering thoughtful, personalized content.

You also need a website that doesn’t look like a carbon copy of the next firm’s. This means you’ll have to highlight your top services, rather than touting yourself as “full service,” or you might have to focus the website on only a handful of industries, rather than trying to target every industry at once.

So, what does a successful accounting firm website look like?

  • It converts visitors into prospects at a rate of 3-5% or more.
  • It pulls in over 25% of the firm’s leads.
  • It consistently generates leads outside of the geographical market.
  • Over 50% of site traffic comes from search engines.
  • It delivers over 3,000 – 5,000 words of new content each month.
  • It generates 3,500+ unique visitors a month.

So what can you do to build a successful website?

  • Identify your target audience and make your website all about them.
  • Identify your ideal client’s pain points, and do content ideation around those. Then, write content to address these pain points as specifically as possible.
  • Develop a website strategy. Who are you trying to reach and what path should they ideally take through your website, from home page to contact page? How can you help guide them through these steps, so smoothly and seamlessly that they think every step was their idea?
  • Create a special offer (such as a downloadable guide) that’s available on your website for free. Collect email addresses in exchange for the download, and then nurture those leads toward a sale through email marketing.
  • Communicate your website strategy to your team, and then hold firm. Anytime a change is requested, ask yourself whether it will benefit your ideal clients. Don’t make changes just because a firm partner requests it.

You’ll notice that you don’t see the word design anywhere in that list. That’s because your design has very little to do with how well your website converts. Yes, a clunky, dated design can certainly harm your credibility, but a top-notch design won’t do the opposite.

Infinitely more important to your website’s success if your strategy. Do you have one?

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