What Industry Does Google Believe You Are In?

Want to know what Google thinks about your website or what field they believe you are in? We have found a very interesting and easy solution for you to use.

The first step you are going to want to do is obviously check out Google.com and where you see the search field, enter: related:www.yourdomain.com (obviously you want to replace yourdomain.com with the actual domain of yo website).

This is when the magic happens what you will get when you hit search is a list of websites that Google believes are related to your industry. Ideally you are hoping that a list of your competitors come up and other sites that are within the same industry as you.

You may wonder why this is of any importance at all. If you are serious about having high rankings for search terms in your line of business, you will want to make sure that Google fully understands what type of business you are in and that they place you among those type of businesses.

Where or how does Google decide what websites are related? By actually looking at the content of your website as well as where you are receiving links from. If you have several links coming from highly relevant websites in your industry Google will put your listings among those companies. If your website is lacking in quality content, then Google may have a hard time knowing where to place your business and as a result your rankings will suffer.

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