Smart Concepts CPA

Design Lead Generation Positioning Strategy

Smart Concepts a cloud based accounting firm in Dallas, Texas wanted to start investing in an on-going marketing strategy that generates more high quality leads. We helped position the firm in a niche, and build an effective digital marketing strategy.

Accounting Website Design

Top 100 CPA Firm

Brand Communication Design Lead Generation

When you take a look at the top 100 accounting firms you’ll see too similar firms, selling too similar services, to too similar client types. We changed that around by re-branding and positioning this accounting firm with $50M in yearly revenues.

Clearly differentiating a CPA firm to bring in bigger leads.

Daegis Inc

Fine-Tuning Lead Generation Positioning Strategy

Daegis an enterprise software company was struggling to substantiavely differentiate in a crowded market with over a 1,000 direct competitors. We helped them re-position, re-brand, and develop out a new messaging strategy that puts the cape on IT professionals.

New strategy grows pipeline revenue.

MPI Labs

Execution Fine-Tuning Lead Generation Strategy

MPI Labs is an innovative probe repair firm that offers a premium probe repair services for the healthcare industry. MPI came to us to clearly position themselves as the far better option than their competitors. What they walked away with was a crystal clear means on how to position their business in the most compelling way.

New positioning increased leads by over 200%.

Military Factory

Brand Design Marketing

Too many agencies pretend to be experts at design, but they can’t tell you why a specific design is effective at getting sales over another.

A new website increases sales by over 300%.

The Kitchen Gallery

Brand Communication Design Marketing

Madtown offered the unique ability to help uncover what the true purpose of The Kitchen Gallery is – one that connected with their audience on an emotional level. We also offered A+ strategy, web design, user experience, and e-commerce capabilities.

Finding purpose increased revenues 3x fold in 3 months.

The Quarry Mill

Execution Fine-Tuning Strategy

Working with The Quarry Mill shows what the outcome can be when a project is started based on mutual trust and suitability between agency and client.

A new brand increases revenue two fold.

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