The CPA & Accounting Firm Differentiation Survey

If you asked your firm’s leadership if they were substantively different–they would most likely respond with a resounding yes, and yet 8% of your clients would agree with that statement.  Professional service firms excel at developing innovative business strategies for clients, but they often fail at applying that same innovation within their own firm.  Today’s firms are focused on offering a wide range of services to clients in many industries so they can continue to build a firm that attempts to appeal to everyone.  A firm that attempts to appeal to everyone will usually appeal to no one.

Today’s firms who are concerned with revenue growth, desperately need to break free from the 100k+ other CPA & Accounting firms in the marketplace.  To help determine how differentiated your firm is we’ve created a positioning survey that you can distribute to firm leadership to see how your firm measures up.  You’ll be asked to measure important questions like:

  • Is our firm is able to command a price premium because people are willing to pay for our specific expertise?
  • Do we avoid marketing every service we’re capable of on our website, and instead do we focus on the services that clearly differentiate our firm?
  • Do all employees understand our brand and positioning strategy that they would all describe it the same to anyone outside of the firm?
  • Does our marketing message only appeal to a very small set of prospects, and will it purposely turn off people outside of that target?

The goal of differentiating your firm is about changing the core of your business.  Eliminating services and industries that are widely available (being a full service firm), and going after a very specific client type and capitalizing on your strengths.   Using this survey will help you get started down the path of clearly differentiating your firm and starting to take a bold stand that helps you stand out in the sea of sameness.

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