When prospective clients stop by your website for the first time, can they easily see what’s unique about your services and your team? Do they know what your niche is?

Today there are over 100k+ full service accounting firms. This means there is absolutely NO competitive advantage in calling yourself a full service firm. A firms strength is rooted in its focus not its versatility.

What you want is a strategically positioned firm that brings you a more sophisticated clientele.

You want clients who will say, “Aha! This is exactly what I was looking for!” It’ll look like your firm exists just to solve the specific problem they’re having, and so they’ll have no trouble believing that you can. You’ll have their complete trust from day one.

Download our complete positioning guide for accounting firms and learn:

  • Why positioning and finding your niche is critical to firm growth
  • What mistakes to avoid when uncovering your niche
  • The three pillars of a solid positioning strategy
  • How to get started positioning your firm and finding your niche

Here’s your opportunity: make more money, improve your win rates, and find clients that actually value your unique expertise.

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