So many firms today pay a small fortune to have a new website developed, only to watch it generate just a handful of new sales a year. Their design agencies don’t know what went wrong, and even worse, they don’t care. The site is live, they’ve gotten their money, and they’re free to ride off into the proverbial sunset.

Ask yourself this: is your website really built to generate leads and sales? Or is it just an expensive online brochure? Not knowing the difference could cost you outrageous amounts of valuable time, money, and business. What you want is a high-ROI website, and I’m here to share the 10 steps that will get you there. This is personally time-tested advice that can transform your business and turn our website into a marketing machine, generating sales at rates beyond what you ever expected.

It’s the stuff your design agency isn’t telling you about, because all you asked for was a pretty home page.

To give you a taste of what’s ahead, we’ll discuss:

  • How content fuels your entire website (not just the design).
  • Why you should start with key conversion pages first.
  • Which aspects of a website can vastly improve ROI.
  • Why your website is not complete–now, or ever.

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