If your firm is like most Accounting Firms, the website is… OK. It looks pretty sharp, loads quickly, and it works… But it’s definitely not performing where it should be. The last time you worked on your accounting firm website design you spent many, many, many hours discussing every detail of the site, and once it goes live you never review the strategy again.

Website AuditThere are so many reasons a CPA website might not be generating enough high quality leads… bad structure, unclear call to actions, poorly differentiated and so on. For most firms the biggest problem holding their websites back are lack of strategy and focus. Nothing holds the firm accountable for future changes to the website. Team members, understandably, prioritize checking off mini side projects and putting out fires over upholding the big picture.

To help firms get back on track we created a mini audit to give you an idea what your clients will be looking for. This audit only takes 5 minutes and will walk you through three of the most important pages on any CPA website.

We even provided free bonus content on the three things you should remove immediately from your website to see an instant lift in website conversions. In order to realize the true potential of your web presence, you absolutely must make this an ongoing priority for your fi rm, and one that’s dictated by clear processes and a solid over-arching vision.


Get started improving your website with our 5 minute website audit for accounting firms.

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