A firm’s strength is rooted in its positioning not its versatility. Now more than ever, prospects have stopped looking for a “full service” firm that does everything and instead are hiring best in class specialists with deep expertise in something.

Our Complete Firm Transformation is our flagship service, but it’s not for everyone. This is for firms that are ready to focus on smart, strategic, more sustainable growth strategies that scale. During this service we’ll perform a complete audit of your firm, and develop out a plan to help you become more profitable, more efficient, and how to find more high-quality leads than you know what to do with. For example, we helped one client re-position, re-brand, and create a new website strategy that increased their sales pipeline by $7M in 18 months.

Firms who go through our Complete Firm Transformation have three distinct advantages:

  1. They make substantially more per partner, because their win rate goes up, and they command a price premium.
  2. They have fewer competitors, because their focus eliminates direct competition.
  3. They break free of geographical constraints and have a larger market area in which to find clients.

Our complete firm transformation includes:

Positioning and offerings review. We’ll help you come up with a plan to find more of your ideal clients. This includes finding an underserved niche and calling it your own, and focusing your offering on more high value work that makes a more profitable accounting practice. Despite charging more, you’ll enjoy shorter sales cycles, an increase in average deal size, and client relationships without the friction you get when you and your client are kind of a fit.

Business model and pricing review. Even if revenue is trending upwards, that doesn’t mean you’re more profitable. We’ll analyze your current client workflows and bring ideas to help you increase efficiencies. We’ll also analyze your business and pricing models and  discover opportunities to maximize profitability while distancing your firm from the competition.

Design and presentation review. Make it easy for your ideal clients to notice you. By finding a way to make your brand, website, and messaging stand out from the rest, you change the buying process for your prospects. Your prospects will compare a number of nearly identical firms to your uniquely positioned firm — a firm that specializes in solving the exact problems they have. Your conversion rates for better paying clients will go up, and you’ll waste less time with unqualified leads looking for a bargain.

Lead generation audit. Most firms don’t just need more leads–they need more of the right kind of leads. We’ll help you rethink how you find clients by focusing on marketing diversity including referrals and digital marketing. We’ll take a snapshot of your current sales funnel and find opportunities to prune clients that are wasting your time, leverage marketing automation technology to better nurture your best leads, and rethink your lead nurturing strategy so that your ideal prospects turn into clients, faster.

Messaging platform. Have all of your key messaging points for your firm in one convenient place. Your benefit statement, positioning statement, powerful headlines, and the tone of your writing are all well-documented and easily referenced by your team, new hires, and agencies or freelancers.

Design and brand direction. You get detailed and direct instructions for how your brand and website should look and feel, and how each design decision works hard to attract your ideal clients.

Firms that go through our Complete Firm Transformation and implement our recommendations start hearing things from prospective clients like, “I didn’t know there was a firm who specializes in X” or “You don’t know how excited I am to have finally found your firm.”

Isn’t that really what you got into this business for in the first place? To work with great clients on issues that matter to them. To do it on your terms. And, to make a good living along the way?

We're Not for Everyone

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